Redeeming A Voucher 

Redeeming our company vouchers, Groupon's, and Living Social vouchers is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below. 

1. Go to our contact page. 

2. Locate the Scheduler on the left. Choose your applicable voucher in accordance with Man Hours and source of obtaining said voucher. 

3. Pick an available date and time. 

4. Provide prompted appointment information. 

5. Expect acceptance of your appointment request!


With high stars and reviews, our Groupon has recently sold out. Since then, we've made even more exciting improvements to our services. We've worked hard to get great new recipes and products that are great for your health, our health, the health of the earth, highly effective, and smell exceptionally awesome!
If you possess a redeemable Groupon at this moment, you're in luck! You'll receive our heightened service  at previous rates. 

Things to know and keep in mind....

Unlike our regular services, vouchers have pre-set amount of serviceable time. Our technicians are thorough and efficient. Please notify present technicians of any areas of priority, especially in the case that you are not prepared to request additional service time if necessary for whole house thorough cleaning. 

Just like the people that live there, no two spaces are the same. Spaces differ in square footage, amount of build-ins, amount of un-stationary items, types of materials and surfaces, and mostly by level of dust and dirt. 

There's no mistake that Brene & Beau maintains great reputation and reviews. We pride our services on honest and quality to all stakeholders. 

We'd love to get your feedback after any appointment. Click here. 

Our normal process is of client acceptance. We reserve the right to chose against service for appropriate reasons; not including race, sex, gender, orientation, and/or age.