Organizing Your Space

​"Organizing is the confronting of yourself"

Marie Kondo

An "holistic home" is one that is thoughtfully organized and placed. Know that your living space can either bring joy and support or burden and stress to your daily responsibility. An improperly utilized space will require longer and more frequent cleanings, quickly become cluttered, and waste much unnecessary time and money for you and, sometimes, those around you. 

We are avid followers of the KonMarie method of decluttering and organizing. Your space is a reflection of you. Even as life changes, so should your space maneuver to provide support to wanted change. Whether partial or complete rehabilitation, let us help you in keeping the things in your life that "spark joy," and let go of the rest. 

Our organizing services are all started with an in-home consultation and advisement. A professional will then help you "hand and hand" quickly reach your home's optimal space efficiency also showing how to maintain the process and flow created within your home. Contact us to begin putting your space and environment in order to be of support to your lifestyle. 

Packages can include initial start cleaning, storage supplies and equipment, dual purpose items fulfilling organizational and decor gaps. Each project is unique and requires differentiating needs. 

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